View exit status of a job after its completion

I would need to access the information if a job succeeded/failed some minutes after a job has finished. scontrol doesn’t allow this (anymore?).

Could you install sacct or drmaa to have better control over the jobs on slurm?

If I try to use the command sacct I get the following error:

$ sacct -P -b -j 25900848 -n

sacct: error: slurm_persist_conn_open_without_init: failed to open persistent 
  connection to master:6819: Connection refused
sacct: error: slurmdbd: Sending PersistInit msg: Connection refused
sacct: error: Problem talking to the database: Connection refused

Dear Silas,

you had this error because the slurmdbd daemons crashed during the vacation. It should be solved.

As you are talking about drmaa, are you talking of this fork?
Do you have a good use case for it?


I’d like to use it for snakemake:

Alternatively, Snakemake can use the Distributed Resource Management Application API (DRMAA). This API provides a common interface to control various resource management systems.

Hello Silas,

I compiled slurm-drmaa and installed it on Baobab.

module spider slurm-drmaa/1.1.0

module load GCCcore/8.3.0 slurm-drmaa/1.1.0

Do you know if it is supposed to be used standalone or only through applications? I tried to run drmaa-run but it segfault.

Thank you. No sorry I don’t know how it should work