VNC server support


I was wondering if you would consider installing a VNC server for the clusters.

I am aware of x2go, but it requires XQuartz on OSX and I often had troubles with it.

Obviously this issue is not urgent nor critical, I was just curious if there were any plans about it.

Thank you!


we never thought about installing that tool and we try to keep the number of supported “services” on Baobab as low as possible.

From Mac, you can as well connect directly using XForwarding with less performance or do you have the same issue?

Hey Yann,

You still need XQuartz to display windows and at the moment there are a few annoying bugs for newer Macs… I am sure they will be solved, sooner or later, but in general I find solutions like x2go or VNC quite convenient for many reasons.

Anyway, I understand that supporting too many tools doing basically the same thing is suboptimal.
I don’t know if many others dislike or had troubles with x2go, but maybe in the future it could be replaced by a VNC server.