WIP: Migrate Baobab to CentOS7

Hi there,

the first nodes in CentOS7 are now available (with specific partitions, when applicable):

  • login2 (AKA baobab2.hpc.unige.ch )
    We were obliged to replace GNOME3 with XFCE since the former requires hardware 3D acceleration not available via X2go (upstream bug)
  • node003 and node004 in partition debug-EL7
  • gpu008 in partition shared-gpu-EL7
    Many thanks to the Kalousis group to have accepted to migrate one of their GPU nodes!

For those wanting to test CentOS7, please login to baobab2.hpc.unige.ch and start your job on the -EL7 partitions as usual.

However, please pay attention that while we verified as much as possible the CentOS7 installation, there could still be minor glitches.

Thx, bye,