Yggdrasil is slow

Primary informations

Cluster: Yggdrasil
username: desantan


Since yesterday, the bash commands on Yggdrasil have been responding super slowly.

Steps to Reproduce

$ ssh desantan@login1.yggdrasil.hpc.unige.ch
$ cd /home/users/d/desantan/scratch/LBDEM/LBDEMcoupling-public/examples/sedimentingSphereV4_2
$ ls

Ps: this is executed on login node

Expected Result

It should respond in less than 10 seconds.

Actual Result

It’s responding in 10 seconds or more.

Thank you in advance for any feedback

Hi @Jose.DeSantanaNeto

Thank you for you Post, could you please edit your post adding the following informations:

Primary informations

Please also indicate your username.

Step to reproduce

[need more information]
Could you please be more specific. In which directory you are ? (scratch or home ?) (full path directory)
Do you try to execute this command on login node or compute node ?
Feel free to add any information you think is relevant.

possible root cause

  • You are trying to do an ls in a large directory (containing many files).
  • Performance issue on beegfs due to the maintenance (all user are on Yggdrasil).
  • Performance issue on beegfs due to a job doing too many IO scratch or home directory.

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