Yggdrasil open to beta testers

Dear users,

It is our great pleasure to announce that Yggdrasil, our new HPC facility, is now open to beta testers!

After several months of work, we are happy to offer this great cluster to the community, and we hope you’ll enjoy using it.

We were helped by Jean-Luc Falcone from the CUI who did a great job with the public tenders, benchmarks and so on.
As well by our colleagues from Astro department in Sauvergny : many thanks to Rémy Ressegair who helped us a lot with the installation, and Szymon Gadomski who helped us as well to run the benchmarks and did the load testing in the datacentre.
And of course, your faithfully HPC team Yann Sagon, Luca Capello and Massimo Brero.

This cluster, hosted in Sauverny datacentre, in Versoix, has ~122 cpu nodes (Intel Xeon and AMD Rome) for a total of ~4400 CPU! There’s even a few public GPU nodes everyone will be able to use!
It means it has approximately the same number of cores as Baobab but uses half of the physical space. Not bad!

Before opening the cluster to every HPC users, we need your help!

We are looking for beta testers that want to give a try to this new beast. The beta test duration will be around 1 week.

If you ask to be a beta tester, be warned of the following:

  • we can (and probably will) modify things that will break while your job is your running
  • we might stop your job without notice in case we need to change/fix something
  • don’t put sensitive data in your home directory, as we are finishing securing the storage.
  • also the home and scratch space are not shared with Baobab. You need to transfer the relevant files/scripts.
  • we might stop the cluster (like we do during the maintenance on Baobab) depending what needs to be fixed.
  • And please, give us your feedback!

Contact us to hpc@unige.ch to ask for an access to Yggdrasil beta test.

Please note that there is NO need to ask for a normal account on Yggdrasil as every Baobab user will have access to both clusters when it will be open.

Best regards,

Your HPC team


We already have a couple of beta testers, thanks for contacting us !

For now, only beta testers can connect to the Yggdrasil

Just a couple of extra info for those brave souls :

The login node address is:
ssh login1.yggdrasil.hpc.unige.ch

Your Slurm jobs will run on the cluster your are launching the job from.
So anything in the like of --cluster=yggdrasil is implied if you are connecting to login1.yggdrasil.hpc.unige.ch

We are now using a new naming scheme for partitions, that we hope will be more straightforward to understand what’s what !
Please check sinfo for the partition names.

Have fun on the cluster and don’t forget to report anything that is relevant (good or bad) !