Yggdrasil scheduled maintenance: 10-11 February 2021

Dear users,

the Yggdrasil maintenance is now over!

What was done:

  • sending ~200k emails to every cluster user. Of course, this was a mistake from our part. More on this here: Current issues on Baobab - #31 by Massimo.Brero
  • OS updated: to version CentOS7.9
  • Slurm updated: to version 20.11
  • Changed the ip address of the login node. This should work flawlessly and no change is needed from your part.
  • Re installation of all the cpu and gpu nodes
  • Put again in production gpu003 and gpu005 that were sent sent for reparation
  • Various fixes mostly

Due to the spam from hpc during this maintenance, some of you suggested to blacklist or to thrash emails with hpc as sender. This is the reason why we send you this email from my personal email.

Please note that next emails will be sent from hpc email again. Do not forget to unblock our email if you blocked it.

Some users asked us to unsubscribe them from our mailing lists.
This is not possible as long as you have an account on our facility.
If you aren’t using the clusters anymore, feel free to send us a request to delete your account.

We remind you as well that for every issue related to the hpc facility, we create a post here: Current issues on Baobab. Do not forget to consult this post before contacting us as we may be already working on the issue.

Best regards

Luca, Massimo, Rémy and Yann