Baobab login gets stuck on robinhood report


Over the last few minutes, accessing baobab is a bit tricky. I am able to ssh into baobab, but it gets stuck at the step where it generates the robinhood report about used up storage. Canceling that step (using ctrl+c) seems to be a temporary fix which then lets me do stuff using the terminal, but accessing files using VSC still remains an issue

Same. Also the access to files on scratch seems problematic.

+1 for me: logging onto baobab with X2Go client gets stuck while connecting, and accessing files on scratch with FileZilla times out.

+1 on scratch. I had not checked that while posting the issue but yes, both reading and writing to scratch do not work

Hi all,

the issue is not with scratch itself but with accessing the files from login node. I meant, accessing the storage from compute node seems to work fine.

For this reason, I’ll reboot right now login2. Hold your breath:)

update1: well, what I said is untrue: one of the scratch server was shutdown automatically because too many files were opened. I’m trying to restore the service.

update2: restarted the storage service did the trick. Now, next task is to identify which job/user had “too many open files”. General Questions — BeeGFS Documentation 7.4.2 . The server crashed at around 16h30, feel free to contact us if you have a doubt about a job or software that could have caused the incident.