Baobab migration from CentOS6 to CentOS7

Dear all,

Earlier this year, we announced that all the nodes of Baobab were going to be migrated from CentOS6 to CentOS7 ( WIP: Migrate Baobab to CentOS7 ).

What does it mean ?

In the next days we will be finalizing this migration by upgrading (reinstalling) all CentOS6 nodes to CentOS7.

What will change for the users ?

You will have a shorter and more comprehensive list of partitions and more nodes of the same type in the public partitions (shared-EL7, mono-shared-EL7, etc.).
Please note that all partitions that do not have the “-EL7” suffix will be disabled at the end of the migration. Make sure you use the correct partition for your jobs.

To avoid confusion, we are also going to deny login to the server login1 (the one you access with ‘ssh’). From now on, everyone will have to connect through login2 (‘ssh’) to launch their jobs.

If you kept using login1 until now, we strongly encourage you to double check the compatibility of your source code and libraries from login2. Please, also double check you are using an “*-EL7” partition for your jobs.

Please, feel free to leave a comment if you have any question.


Your HPC team

This is active from now on. You must use to login to the cluster.


Dear all,

The migration to CentOS7 is completed.
Please remember :

  • to use the new partitions ending in -EL7 (ie : shared-EL7)
  • to login only with
  • in case of doubt about a partition name, run sinfo