Baobab: scratch: Disk quota exceeded


When working on scratch, I am getting “Disk quota exceeded” just by simply moving files around. It doesn’t look like I have exceeded the limit of 10.000.000 chunks.

Hope you can help.


Works again now


I am getting the same error :confused:
scratch seems to be 99% filled. Could this be the reason?

(baobab)-[coppinp@login2 scratch]$ df -hT
beegfs_scratch                                       beegfs    1.5P  1.5P   20T  99% /srv/beegfs/scratch

Update, it seems that it was indeed because scratch filled up.
I created some space, and am currently moving some ~20TB of communal data used by our entire research group (DAMPE) to another storage. Hopefully this should help.

Same here.
My job crashed with the same error.

Attaching my beegfs quota output below.

Update, since this afternoon it seems that there is 78T (5%) of free disk space.
Yet I still got jobs which failed at 21:05:08 this evening with the error:

IOError: [Errno 122] Disk quota exceeded

@HPC Any idea?

@Adrien.Albert @Yann.Sagon

The problem still exists


Hi @Malte.Algren, @Paul.Coppin

Currently the scratch filesystem seems to have enough space both in use and inode


(baobab)-[root@login2 ~]$ df -t beegfs -h
Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
beegfs_home     138T  116T   22T  85% /home
beegfs_scratch  1.5P  1.4P   83T  95% /srv/beegfs/scratch

however, we’re not immune to the possibility that the aggreagat of current jobs may temporarily fill the scratch.

Are you sure your error appeared after the space was freed up?

Well, I think that is the problem when running long jobs that save files from scratch. It might be temporarily filled and your job will crash.

But no at the moment I am not getting the error.

Still seeing the issue where scripts can run for some time but eventually, I get “IOError: [Errno 122] Disk quota exceeded”.

Any way to add additional storage to the scratch?

Same here, almost all my jobs suddenly failed again yesterday evening (2024-05-15) because of the disk quota error :confused:


@Yann.Sagon found the problem! For share “private_dpnc” quota for number of files was reached :

(baobab)-[algren@admin1 ~]$ -g private_dpnc

          user/group                 ||           size          ||    chunk files
  storage     |   name        |  id  ||    used    |    hard    ||  used   |  hard
home        |   private_dpnc|  1014||   12.76 TiB|   unlimited|| 24719933|unlimited
scratch     |   private_dpnc|  1014||  489.86 TiB|  875.00 TiB|| 69942301| 70000000

As DPNC has dedicated storage I will update this value to 100000000.

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@Yann.Sagon @Gael.Rossignol Thanks a lot for digging out the issue and updating the quota!