Cancelling a job with CentoOS7 (login2)

I am trying to cancel a job with the “scancel” function, but it does not work, I get the next error message:

scancel 19654060
Undefined function or variable ‘scancel’.

Thanks in advance for any comment about it.


hi Julian

i used to write:
scancel --user=guexr --state=running
to cancel all the jobs running.
scancel --user=guexr
to cancel all the jobs.
i dont know why i connect today to baobab.

we can this together tomorrow if you like!

good luck :slight_smile:

Hi there,
It seems to me that scancel is not in your $PATH variable. I would verify with which scancel and check that the bashrc file is in order.



I connected as yourself to login2 and scancel is in your PATH:

[lopezeig@login2 ~]$ which scancel
[lopezeig@login2 ~]$

Where did you typed this command?

Apparently the problem appeared because:

I used my old script (you made it for me for login1 the last year) before the total migration ended. Therefore, I think I mixed the login1 and login2 in the script.

Anyways, the problem seems to be solved.

Thanks hpc team for your support!