Can't access LXPLUS through yggdrasil and baobab anymore


To be able to run certain code that needs the ATLAS software to run (with setupATLAS, panda, rucio, …) I’ve been using the following lines in the command line:

export ATLAS_LOCAL_ROOT_BASE=/cvmfs/
source ${ATLAS_LOCAL_ROOT_BASE}/user/ -c centos7

These create a singularity similar to lxplus cluster. For some reason it doesn’t work anymore, where I get this error:

Is there anyway to be able to fix this problem?

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Dear Mario,

I check the error and it seems the bind option “-B /home/users/a:/home” is the problem. Could you try to use your home for binding? Something like “-B /home/users/a/alvescar/home:/home -B /home/users/a/alvescar/srv:/srv” after creating folders in your home directory?

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