Cluster.json file

Hi everyone,

I try to run a program that suppose that I have a cluster.json file in my working directory.
I look a bit on internet what type of file it is and how it look like but I don’t have any idea how to build it for let’s say my yggdrasil home.

Does anybody knows how to find it or how to build it?

Thank you very much.


Hi @Camille.Christe

You are the only one to get access to your mind :wink:, could you give us more details about your issue ?

  • Which program you are using ?
  • What do you want to do ?
  • other details even if you think there are not relevent

If you really need this file :laughing::

(baobab)-[toto@login2 ~]$ touch cluster.json

Hi @Adrien.Albert,

I try to run a pipeline called atlas-pipeline wegmannlab / ATLAS-Pipeline / wiki / Home — Bitbucket
In the parameters it is specified that “-c run on a slurm cluster cluster file can be provided. Default: assumes a cluster.json in your working directory”

I don’t have thus file in my working directory. So I look on internet to see what kind of file it could be. And if I understood well it seems to be a file with information about the cluster used.

I have no idea how to build this file and what exact information I should provide inside.

Is it something common or should I ask the author of the pipeline for help?

Thank you very much,


Hi, as we discussed by email, you should contact directly the author as we have no clue how this software is working.