Connection extremeley slow

In the past few days, the connection with ssh has been painstakingly slow. Once logged in, the compilation of a code that should take a fraction of a minute takes many minutes. Can you provide some information?

Thank you.

It is always related to storage too much loaded. The issue is not the network, not the cpu. It is the storage. And not the storage itself, the fact that many jobs are doing too much IO for this type of storage.

@Yann.Sagon Thanks for the information. A very basic question related to this. What is the best practice for compilation of the codes. Shall one submit an interactive job to do the compilation, or is it ok to compile on the login node?

The best practice is to use a compute node AND and build the software in /scratch (local to the compute node, usually SSD). Of course, the installation directory should be your home or scratch, not the local one. This will be very fast.