/cvmfs not found on certain cpu nodes

Primary informations

Username: coppinp
Cluster: Yggdrasil


Jobs crash because certain nodes cannot read from /cvfms
Two nodes which I identified were cpu97 and cpu107
(though I did not check them all individually)

I know you are all busy with the Baobab upgrade. This is a non-urgent issue as problem nodes can very easily be excluded. Just putting this here while I remember :wink:

Steps to Reproduce

Run a job on cpu097 or cpu107 in which the bash script contains the line:
source /cvmfs/dampe.cern.ch/centos7/etc/setup_conda_python2.7_tensorflow2.1.sh

Expected Result

Set environment variables

Actual Result

Wed Nov 22 16:34:35 CET 2023 - This is cpu107.yggdrasil, executing task
/var/spool/slurmd/job29506985/slurm_script: line 72: /cvmfs/dampe.cern.ch/centos7/etc/setup_conda_python2.7_tensorflow2.1.sh: No such file or directory

Hello @Paul.Coppin

Everything seems working now. However, our proxy for CVMS is hosted on Baobab, and during maintenance, CVMFS may show unexpected behavior.

When a proxy is down, CVMFS should seamlessly switch to another proxy (Grid or Unibe). However, during the switchover, some queries may be impacted.

(yggdrasil)-[root@admin1 ~]$ clush -bw cpu[097,107] cvmfs_config probe
cpu[097,107] (2)
Probing /cvmfs/euclid.in2p3.fr... OK
Probing /cvmfs/euclid-dev.in2p3.fr... OK
Probing /cvmfs/atlas.cern.ch... OK
Probing /cvmfs/atlas-condb.cern.ch... OK
Probing /cvmfs/atlas-nightlies.cern.ch... OK
Probing /cvmfs/sft.cern.ch... OK
Probing /cvmfs/grid.cern.ch... OK

We apologize for any inconvenience caused. :pray:t2:

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