CVMFS on Yggdrasil

Dear users,

CVMFS is since now available in Yggdrasil as it was already the case in Baobab.

This are the mounted repo inc /cvmfs

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Hi Yann,
great, thank you!

Dear HPC team,

I submitted several jobs on Yggdrasil post-maintenance. They however all crashed, seemingly all with the same error:

script: line 8: cd: /cvmfs/ No such file or directory
script: line 9: bin/ No such file or directory

On the login node, I can find this directory just fine. I guess the problem is in computing nodes?

Example job that crashed (SLURM ID) : 1604296 (running on cpu117.yggdrasil )

Dear David, this is now fixed. The issue was that we forgot to update the firewall rule as we changed the Yggdrasil login and admin ip. Thanks for the notification.



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Thanks for the intervention! The jobs are working fine now :slight_smile: