Download fastqs from NCBI


I try to download 1000 fastq files from NCBI.
I wondered what is more limiting the internet connection or the filesystem I/O?


You say you try: something isn’t working or is it slow?

1000 files at the same time? Which tool? Where do you download them?

If you download from login2.baobab, the bandwidth is 10Gb. But then you use the shared unige network and then the share internet.

I follow the official instructions here:
As I understand it the first step is downloading a binary file then extracting the fastq reads from it. The extraction step can be run in parallel therefore I submit it to the slurm.

I limit the downloads to 10 files.

Does it make sense to summit a script to the slurm cluster that downloads the file.

I tested it and on the slurm cluster I get sometimes a time out error after an hour where as on the login node the download of the binary file takes 5 - 15 min.

Also the extraction creates plain text files. Does it make sense to store the files to the cluster /scratch and then gzip it to store it on the filesystem. Even if the next step would be extract the file again and to work with it in memory I think.

No. The bandwith to internet on a compute node is 1Gb vs 10Gb on the login node.

If sooner or later you need to decompress the files, store them uncompressed. If you can work directly from compressed files, store them compressed.

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Thank you for your recommendations!