Freesurfer 7.3.2: licensing issue

Dear all,

Primary informations

Username: benis
Cluster: ALL


Using Fressurfer 7.3.2, I get an error due to the absence of a license.txt file in /opt/ebsofts/FreeSurfer/7.3.2-centos7_x86_64

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GNU libc version: 2.17
ERROR: Systems running GNU glibc version greater than 2.15
  require a newly formatted license file (it's free). Please
  download a new one from the following page:

Hi @Damien.Benis

I have taken the liberty of editing your post to follow the template so that it is clearer for all. Please edit/complete any incorrect or missing information.

The license of FreeSurfer has been added , can you test and let me know if everything is working ? (or not)

It seems to work now, thank you!