GCC optimal flag

I’m currently recompiling some of my code as I compiled it with a too modern cpu specification (Broadwell). Am I correct in assuming that the majority of node of baobab would be usable if I compile with Westmere (-march=westmere) or should I check something else also?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

Dear Pablo, when compiling software with EasyBuild, we are setting march to core2 and it seems to work.


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You are right, according to our CPU matrix (cf. https://baobabmaster.unige.ch/admin/src/enduser/enduser.html#compute-nodes ) the minimum architecture is nowadays Westmere EP (cf. Westmere (microarchitecture) - Wikipedia ).

As extra care and to be even more sure, you should compile directly on Westmere nodes, i.e. --constraint=V2 .

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Thanks, I managed to recompile the software I’m using without too much problem (once I removed the -march=native of a dependency of pytorch…).
The constraint=V2 is not possible without changing my code as I’m doing the compilation inside a docker image (a long docker build). This building is done on my own machine.
Given that docker is unsafe to use in a cluster environment I never asked to install it on baobab.