Getting a light weight image viewer

Since the update of Yggdrasil (to Rocky 8), “display” is no longer available (there is no module for it either), I’d like to get it back because it is a standard light weight tool to show images on an X server.

An alternative viewer would be “eog”, which is the standard light weight image viewer of GNOME.

Or are there any other tools like this available, which I’m not aware of? For the mean time I can use things like firefox to display images, but this produces a lot of unnecessary traffic and loading delays.

Dear Matthias,

I add ImageMagick on the default set of packages on login nodes. Just to be sure, you wasn’t using display on compute nodes?

Best regards,

Yes, I only used it on the login nodes to check plots created on the computing nodes.
I don’t see a reason to have it on the computing nodes either.
Thanks for adding it to the login nodes.