How to start matlab GUI on Yggdrasil?

apologies if this sounds like a silly question. I couldn’t find an answer in another topic in the forum.

I was wondering if it is possible to use Matlab’s full GUI (with the built-in editor and command line window, file system browser etc, plot browser, etc…) using e.g. X2Go? After launching an interactive job, can I connect X2Go to cpu003 and use the full GUI this way?

Otherwise, I tried using X2Go on the login node, then open terminal, launch interactive job on cpu003, load and launch matlab with matlab -softwareopengl and when trying to plot something trivial (plot(1:10)), no graphics show up. What am I missing?

Thanks in advance,



the way to go is to connect to the cluster using x2go, launch a terminal on it, ask for interactive resources, see hpc:slurm [eResearch Doc] and launch Matlab. Doing so, you’ll get the full Matlab GUI.

Oh! I was missing the --x11 flag in salloc… Sorry, inattention mistake on my side!

Thanks for your quick reply, Yann.