HPC lunch: ask an expert - winter 2021

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HPC lunch: ask an expert
Obtenez de l’aide et des conseils personnalisés

Prenez votre sandwich (virtuel) et rejoignez-nous entre 12h30 et 14h30 pour poser vos questions et discuter des éventuels problèmes que vous rencontrez avec les clusters de calcul de l’UNIGE: Baobab et Yggdrasil. Une opportunité de partager vos expériences avec nous et autres chercheur-euse-s.

SESSION – Hiver 2021

  • Jeudi 04 février
  • Jeudi 04 mars
  • Jeudi 01 avril

Au plaisir de vous y rencontrer sur zoom!

L’équipe HPC

HPC lunch: ask an expert
Get personalized help and advice

Take your sandwich and come to meet us between 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm to ask your questions and discuss the possible issues you have with the use of the HPC clusters of UNIGE: Baobab and Yggdrasil (available soon). An opportunity to share your experiences with us and other researchers.

SESSIONWinter 2021

  • Thursday 04th February
  • Thursday 04th March
  • Thursday 01st April

We look forward to meeting you on zoom!

The HPC team

Hi there,

note that URL in the email was wrong. The text of the url was for right but not the link.

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Also I think it is not in calendar? I had trouble finding it.



Hi Volodymyr,

thanks for the feedback.

The issue is that we can only add a single post to one event on the calendar. We should maybe create one post per HPC-Lunch for next sessions.


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Hi Yann,

thanks for clarification!

I just want to be sure there is not misunderstanding, my comment applied directly to the previous event (of february): where link with ...hpc-lunch-ask-an-expert-winter-2021... text was pointing to ...save-the-date-hpc-lunch-autumn-session... URL. Probably, a copying issue, happens.

But you point about calendar is generally useful.

Also, although a bit off-topic, please let me know if it is not useful for me to provide feedback like that or this way (reply to post). I just find that if I notice an issue, even small, which may (in my opinion) affect other users, I provide open feedback. I hope it is not seen as a complaint.



Hi, that’s fine, thanks for the feedbacks!

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