Linking xlocale.h

Dear all,

Since the recent of upgrade of Yggdrasil a piece of software that I am using is no longer working. The reason is that some Perl library is attempting to access “xlocale.h”, which apparently is deprecated but is still used by Perl 5.32 and earlier. However this file is no longer present in /usr/include . I tried to get around this issue by compiling with a newer version of Perl, however it requires a newer version of GCC which the software package is not compatible with.

Looking at the following entry:

I see that just making a symbolic link for xlocale.h to the existing locale.h fixes the problem. I checked on a simple case with a local symbolic link to this file, and this fix seem to work; however the local option will not work when compiling the actual software, as there doesn’t appear to be an option to add a link to a local include folder:

Can I please ask you to make such a symbolic link under /usr/include?

Thanks in advance for your help,


are you using this version:

(baobab)-[sagon@cpu025 ~]$ ml GCCcore/10.2.0 Perl/5.32.0

If yes we can try to rebuilt it.