Local space on node: /tmp? /dev/shm?


on yggdrasil/baobab, is it advisable (by the HPC policy) to use /tmp , /dev/shm , or /scratch (=TMPDIR) for especially fast ephemeral (one-job) data?



Dear Volodymyr,

In our clusters, we use a SPANK plugin to create a private temporary scratch on the node. /etc/slurm/plugstack.conf

The private space is /scratch (mounted from /tmpslurm) thus on the local disk.) and this space is cleaned at the end of the job /etc/slurm/slurm.epilog.clean.
The data in /dev/shm and /tmp are purged as well. The data on /tmp are on the same disk than /scratch.

It’s a good practice to use those space for temporary files if you need lot of IO.

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Dear Yann,

thank you so much for the quick answer!