Login node on Baobab unusable

Dear users,

since a while now, Baobab login node is almost unusable. Since a while as well, we see that many users are using the software Visual Studio Code. Coincidence? Maybe yes, maybe not!

We’ll suggest that you don’t use vscode remotely. Or is there a good reason to do so? You may as well use an ssh tunnel to a compute node and use an interactive session on a compute node.


Hi Yann,

the advantage of using VS code in this way is, that you have the singularity environment from the cluster and you can use debuggers, code suggestions etc. which match with your actual dev environment. Otherwise you need to use some hacks on the local laptop to point your python interpreter to and always update the software simultaneously with the one on the cluster singularity image.

I fully agree to do this on a computing node tunnelling directly onto the node and avoid using the login node for this kind of setup.


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I am having great problems with doing the simplest things on Baobab. git reset --hard takes ages and git pull is a total overkill - at the same time pull from the same server works perfectly on my local machine.

Is this because of disk usage during backup restore?