Migration of NASAC storage /acanas and /acanas-fiteo on Baobab

Dear users,

This concern users of the storage /acanas and /acanas-fiteo ONLY

we need to migrate the NASAC space mounted on Baobab:

/acanas and /acanas-fiteo

Prior to do the migration, we should copy all the data there to a new space. As soon as this copy is done, we would like to do the migration. The copy should end between 20th of March 16PM and 21th of March 12PM

Please be sure to not use this space during this timespan.

Thanks for your understanding

Best regard

edit: the migration (move data) is not finished yet. You can still use the storage space today until tomorrow morning.

Dear users,

Luca and myself have terminate the migration of the /acanas and /acanas-fiteo storage (70TB) on Baobab.

Best regards