New Policy: User Account Life Cycle

Dear HPC Users,

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve HPC cluster management, we have defined a
new policy for handling inactive user accounts.

Accounts that have been inactive for a period of one year will be flagged for deletion.
This is to ensure that we are not storing unused data and to avoid data being left without
an owner in the event that the account is deleted from the UNIGE directory.

Users will receive an email notification prior to the scheduled deletion of their account,
giving them the opportunity to log in and keep their account active.
If no response is received within one month, the account will be deleted, along with all associated data.

The procedure is subject to change/evolve, you can find the information on this policy in
our documentation page following this link:

In the future, this process will be fully automated, so we advise all users to follow the instructions
provided in the email to prevent their account from being deleted.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy or your account;
please do not hesitate to post on hpc-community (for general questions)
or send us an email (for private questions).

Best Regards,

Your devoted HPC team