New service: on demand virtual server with GPU

Dear users,

Thanks to the “Projet de loi 12146”, we could bought some hardware to provide a new service:

Virtual server with GPU on demand.

This service is in beta and was mainly done by our colleague @Sylvain.Huwiler from the DiSTIC.

It may be useful for people who needs interactive graphical sessions.

Each VM has the following characteristics:

  • 4 vCPU
  • 24GB RAM
  • 250GB fast local scratch

Software installed:

  • Windows 10
  • Matlab
  • ImageJ

You are free to install additional software such as Matlab toolbox, but the change you’ll do will be erased the next time you launch a VM. If you need frequently the same software, ask here if it’s possible to install it.

Right now, there is no scheduler, first come, first serve. The usage limit is 24h.

The VM are ephemeral and once your session is finished, all the data are erased!

You are very welcome to discuss about this service on this new catogory. @Sylvain.Huwiler will read the topics there.

If interested to have an account, write an email to, and explain in a short paragraph your intended usage. The usage cost is free.

To access the VM once granted, please see here how to proceed.


For those who are trying to use this service, here are some best practice tips:

  • you can mount your local disk on the VM, but keep in mind that the bandwith is very low and this network share may disconnect for example if your pc goes into sleeping mode.
  • the VM’s are equipped with 10Gb network interfaces. It’s advised to mount a network share such as the NASAC if you need to import/export data to the VM.