New version of podman (>3, ideally 4.0)


thanks for installing podman, however the installed version (1.6.4) is very old (late 2019) and seems not to provide the hoped for functionality. Would it be possible to install a recent version?
Version 3.3 was released in April 2021 and v4.0 was released in February this year.

Many thanks in advance.

Hi, the version 1.6.4. is the one available through the “Extras” CentOS 7 repo and podman isn’t available as an EasyBuild recipe. Are you aware of an alternative and maintainable way to install a newer podman version?

would it be possible to use spack for package management? podman is available through that with a newer version (and it may open up the doors for more packages for which an easyrecipe is missing).
Otherwise we would need to write an easybuild recipe, but I’m not familiar with the syntax.
And I guess yum is out of the question!