Not able to mount nasac

I haven’t been able to mount nasac for the last few days, even though I followed the instructions. This was not an issue before last week. Is anyone experiencing the same problem?


please give details, or we can only guess!

  • on what cluster does it happens?
  • how do you try to mount the share? You followed the instructions, which one? From the documentation?
  • what is the error message or symptom?
  • what is the share you are trying to mount?

I’m using Baobab. I use the following lines:
dbus-launch bash
gio mount smb://
And then I proceed to enter username, domain and password as usual.
Interestingly, I have no error message. Nothing actually happens it just opens a new command line, and I check and nasac is not mounted.
Thanks for your help!


Are you doing that from login2? If yes, as I have rebooted login2 last Friday, please give a try again. Maybe you had an old dbus process stuck.


I am experiencing the same issue, on Yggdrasil. On the hpc documentation, it seems only login2 can mount external storage? Is it still the case?

So to mount my NASAC on login1, I did as follow:
I typed
dbus-launch bash
gio mount smb://
I entered my credentials. I used for domain (I found it on the hpc documentation).
The directory /run/user/403714/gvfs/ was then create but it is empty.
What was wrong ?

Thank you