Problem launching jupyterlab on Yggdrasil


I tried to run, and it exited with this error:

(torch) (yggdrasil)-[lastufka@login1 ~]$ more slurm-22875892.out
/var/spool/slurmd/job22875892/slurm_script: line 12: /etc/profile.d/
No such file or directory

Indeed, there is no such file

Is this a difference between yggdrasil and Baobab?

~ Erica

Hi, indeed there is a difference on Yggdrasil, you can comment out the line 12 on the script.
Anyway, this will be fixed during the next Yggdrasil maintenanceā€¦ tomorrow! Yggdrasil scheduled maintenance: 24-25 May 2023

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