Problem on login node 2 for building singularity images

It is not possible to build singularity images on login node 2.

[strassp6@login2 ~]$ module load GCC/6.3.0-2.27 Singularity/2.4.2
[strassp6@login2 ~]$ singularity build pytorch.simg docker://pablostrasser/pytorch:latest
ERROR: You must install squashfs-tools to build images
ABORT: Aborting with RETVAL=255

Seem a software is missing on login node 2.


Hi there,

Sorry for the delay, rpmpkg:squashfs-tools was installed the very same day you reported the issue:

[root@login2 ~]# rpm -q squashfs-tools
[root@login2 ~]# grep -h squashfs-tools /var/log/yum.log*
May 08 14:35:57 Installed: squashfs-tools-4.3-0.21.gitaae0aff4.el7.x86_64
[root@login2 ~]# 

Thx, bye,