Request to install ASPECT

Dear HPC team, Could you please install the software ASPECT ( in the cluster.

what did you try: I followed the manual and installed the version needed of a dependency named : Deal II through a tool named candi that install everything for you. But there’s problems between versions. I solved the same problem in my computer by installing a recent version of Cmake and that worked.

what didn’t work: The versions of some packages required are not in the cluster.

what was the expected result: ASPECT installed. That’s the main software that I need. The manual offers 3 different options to install it. I tried the local installation in the cluster but it was not possible

what was the error message: Exit message: There was a problem building trilinos 12-18-1.

Thanks a lot,

Mariana V

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Dear HPC team,

To add a bit of context, Mariana is a student currently doing her master thesis project. She has been using her own computer so far to run the ASPECT software, but she now needs to launch several parallel simulations to pave a parameter space. This task necessitates the use of a cluster. I think Mariana has already spent more than a week trying to have ASPECT work on different clusters (the observatory LESTA cluster and baobab and yggdrasil more recently).
The use of the cluster is instrumental for the success of her master thesis so any help/advice will be deeply appreciated!
Don’t hesitate to ask her for more details if need be.

Thanks a lot for all your work!
Emeline Bolmont

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