Request to install BCL-Convert


Would it be possible to install the Illumina BCL Convert v4.0.3 ? BCL Convert v4.0.3 Installer

Thanks a lot

Hi Natacha,

Can bcl2fastq meet your needs?

We (iGE3 Genomics Platform) were advised by Illumina to switch to BCL Convert with our new sequencer NovaSeq and would like to test it.

Thanks a lot,

We avoid installing software via rpm. Could you ask to illumina to create a easybuild recipe.

Easybuild (Website / Github) is a software build and installation framework that allows you to manage (scientific) software on High Performance Computing (HPC) systems in an efficient way.

An easybuild recipe exists for bcl2fastq here. You can transmit it to illumina for example.

keep me informed of their answer.

Hi @Natacha.Civic,

We have installed bcl-convert, could you test it and let me know if it works:

Thank you :slight_smile: