Run Jupyter notebook server hosting on baobab

Hello I would like to ask if there is the possibility to run and expose to the web. Jupyter notebook pages that use cpus/gpus of baobab.

The idea would be to go to go to eg

and live edit code.

If not are there some alternative to create notebooks in baobab server environment ?

Thank you in advance

I have in the past used ssh tunneling to make services accessible ( ) using the login node as entry point. However, I’m not sure this is a recommended way to do it in baobab. And I don’t know if this approach still work.

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@Pablo.Strasser thanks for your respnse. I tried some similar ssh with visual studio code but the server doesnt let me and connect after for some minutes I cant login. (I guess its automatic ban of ip of some sort, fyi thats how I tried:

Also pycharm has a remote connection mode but I couldnt manage either.
Fir now I push code and pull there to run it (for big data size and gpus) for now, or edit with vim but I guess there are more efficiecnt workflows.

If anyone has better recommendations I would like to hear :slight_smile:

For editing code, you can use sshfs or an ftp client and directly edit from your computer. I also know they have a gui connection which is possible but never tried it.

Dear Dimitrios,

I wrote this tutorial right now, maybe this will help you.

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We are banning ssh connections when you do too much attempt to connect using the wrong password.
Maybe you were connected to Baobab and you connected again from another way using wrong password multiple time and in this case, all your sessions are killed.

Feel free to create a new thread if you want to try again and you need help.

Is there a way to expose it also online (with external ip)?

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You have the right to expose it online using ip, but for the moment we won’t explain how to do it nor support it as there is not clean way to do it.
hint: ssh and tunnel or ProxyJump. Feel free to discuss about your success/failure here as this may interest other users.

Sounds interesting I will write if I manage it thanks for the info