Simplified partition naming scheme

Dear HPC users,

During last maintenance, we have introduced a simplified naming scheme for Slurm partitions.

We hope the new naming will make it easier to understand partitions, especially for beginners. This is also the same logic that we are using on the new cluster Yggdrasil (opening very soon!).

Please update your scripts and sbatch as soon as possible to avoid nasty surprises in the future, as we will remove the old partitions during next maintenance (February 2021).

You can find updated information in the new documentation, including a table to help you choose the new partition name if you feel lost : please see partitions


HPC team

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Dear all,

For those of you who are still using the former partition names, please upgrade your sbatch scripts from the old name to the new one as soon as possible.

Today, we are starting to drain those old partitions (anything that contains “-EL7”), so you won’t be able to submit any new jobs on those. Please note that already submitted jobs will still run until the next maintenance at the end of February, even if the partitions won’t appear in the list (sinfo).

The following tables should help you understand how to edit your scripts.

Public partitions:

Old name New name
debug-EL7 debug-cpu
mono-EL7 public-cpu
parallel-EL7 public-cpu
bigmem-EL7 public-bigmem
mono-shared-EL7 shared-cpu
shared-EL7 shared-cpu
shared-bigmem-EL7 shared-bigmem
shared-gpu-EL7 shared-gpu

Private partitions:

Old name New name
askja-EL7 private-askja-cpu
biosc-EL7 private-biosc-cpu
cisa-EL7 private-cisa-cpu
cui-EL7 private-cui-cpu
cui-gpu-EL7 private-cui-gpu
dpnc-EL7 private-dpnc-cpu
dpnc-gpu-EL7 private-dpnc-gpu
dpt-bigmem-EL7 private-dpt-bigmem
dpt-EL7 private-dpt-cpu
dpt-gpu-EL7 private-dpt-gpu
fpse-EL7 private-fpse-cpu
gap-EL7 private-gap-cpu
gervasio-gpu-EL7 private-gervasio-gpu
giacobia-bigmem-EL7 private-giacobia-bigmem
giacobia-EL7 private-giacobia-cpu
gonzalez-gaitan-EL7 private-gonzalez-gaitan-cpu
gsem-EL7 private-gsem-cpu
hepia-EL7 private-hepia-cpu
hepia-gpu-EL7 private-hepia-gpu
kalousis-gpu-EL7 private-kalousis-gpu
kruse-EL7 private-kruse-cpu
kruse-gpu-EL7 private-kruse-gpu
lehmann-EL7 private-lehmann-cpu
pawlowski-EL7 private-pawlowski-cpu
schaer-gpu-EL7 private-schaer-gpu
simed-EL7 private-simed-cpu
stoll-EL7 private-stoll-cpu
wesolowski-EL7 private-wesolowski-cpu

Also, please check the documentation first if you have any question:

All the best,


We also take this opportunity to remind you of the two new partitions we introduced during the last maintenance:

|Partition |Time Limit|
|public-interactive-cpu |8 hours|
|public-longrun-cpu |14 Days|

The public-longrun-cpu partition is for CPU jobs that don’t need much resources, but need a longer runtime time. It allows you to run up to 2 cores for up to 14 days.

The public-interactive-cpu partition is for interactive CPU jobs. It allows you to run up to 6 cores for up to 8h.
N.B.: The waiting time should be shorter than requesting a job on a normal partition, which is important for interactive jobs as you don’t want your job to start in the middle of the night.

More information here: