Singularity 3.4 no longer available?

Hi all,

I have succesfully been running jobs with singularity 3.4 to load my docker image.
However this afternoon jobs started to fail when lmod tries to load the module, and it appears now that only versions 2.4.2 and 2.4.5 are available.
I can move back to the older versions, but I was wondering if this was known/intended, and also to bring it up in case people are using singularity images built with v3 and have backwards compatibility issues.


Hi there,

Sorry, my fault: we have never had the idea of removing Singularity 3.4, it was a side effect of my work to add the extra PATH directly to the module (cf. Singularity version 3.2.1 - #5 by Yann.Sagon ).

I have restored the old 3.4 from backups, sorry again for the inconvenience.

Thx, bye,

No problem, thanks for getting it back quickly!