Singularity with Rocky8

Dear users,

Singularity version we propose through module seems to have an issues with squashfs and Rocky8. As EasyBuild isn’t willing to provide Singularity anymore and because the version provided with Rocky8 is newer than the one we have with module, we are now installing Singularity through rpm on the compute and login node. New Singularity name is apptainer but legacy name is still working. No need to load any module for that.

(baobab)-[sagon@login2 ~]$ singularity --version
apptainer version 1.1.5-1.el8


We removed 2023-06-15T22:00:00Z the following software from EasyBuild:

  • Singularity/2.4.2
  • Singularity/2.4.5
  • Singularity/3.4.0-Go-1.12
  • Singularity/3.7.3-GCC-9.3.0-Go-1.14
  • Singularity/3.7.3-Go-1.14