Spam email from hpc during maintenance


I got several messages with subject “[Yggdrasil] Job 1581763 will never run”.

What’s strange is that “To:” header contains large group of people, all users? This does not seem right.



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I confirm what @Volodymyr.Savchenko said. I received today more than 500 emails on the topic, and they just keep coming progressively. It’s a bit annoying to delete them all :’)

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Only slightly off-topic (but relevant for the given challenge we are experiencing and discussing): I much recommend GitHub - lefcha/imapfilter: IMAP mail filtering utility - better email filters, programmatic, in Lua (friendly for lmod developers, popular on our cluster) lifesaving in this case and overall.
Although of course there are other ways to filter and clean.

Dear Volodymyr, dear David, and all HPC users,

Regarding this issue, please check:

Thank you