[storage] Improved BeeGFS Quota Management Tool Update

Dear Users,

We’ve noticed that many of you have had questions regarding quotas recently. In response, we have enhanced the BeeGFS quota information tool to provide you with the capability to monitor your own quotas on HPC clusters:

You can now check the quota for a group to which you belong by using the ‘-g’ option. Additionally, as BeeGFS allows it, you can also check the quota of another user who is a member of your group. By default, the script check your user.

However, it’s important to emphasize that this tool is not intended for “monitoring” of other users’ quotas. Quotas are managed by the HPC admin team and are deployed automatically with strict configurations.

(baobab)-[alberta@login2 ~]$ beegfs-get-quota-home-scratch.sh -h
Usage: /usr/local/bin/beegfs-get-quota-home-scratch.sh [-u <user>] [-g <group>]

Print the BeeGFS quota for a user or group.

  -u <user>    Check quota for the specified user (default: alberta).
  -g <group>   Check quota for the specified group.

  /usr/local/bin/beegfs-get-quota-home-scratch.sh -u john    # Check quota for user 'john'
  /usr/local/bin/beegfs-get-quota-home-scratch.sh -g mygroup # Check quota for group 'mygroup'

(baobab)-[alberta@login2 ~]$ beegfs-get-quota-home-scratch.sh 
home dir: /home/users/a/alberta
scratch dir: /srv/beegfs/scratch/users/a/alberta

        user/group                 ||           size          ||    chunk files
storage     |   name        |  id  ||    used    |    hard    ||  used   |  hard
home        |        alberta|401775||   29.16 GiB| 1024.00 GiB||   479237|unlimited
scratch     |        alberta|401775||  552.00 KiB|   unlimited||      139| 10000000