Supported hardware


I wanted to buy some “special” hardware and was wondering if it would be ok for the baobab infrastructure.

4U Rackmount Chassis
32 Core Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX 3.0GHz Processor
128GB DDR4 2666MHz Memory
2TB SATAIII 24x7 Harddisk Drive 7200rpm
1 x nVidia RTX 2080 TI 11GB Graphics Controller
1 x 1G RJ45 Ethernet onboard
1 x Infiniband QDR 40Gbits Interface Controller
1 x Infiniband QDR Cable 3m
Single Power Supply
19” Rackmount Kit

The threadripper does not have IPMI and I’m wondering if it would be a problem.

Thank you in advance for your answer.

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Hello Orestis,

If it is for testing purpose (evaluate AMD CPU instead of Intel) this is fine. We want to avoid to have a (more) heterogeneous cluster.

The issues I see here to integrate this server in Baobab are:

  • The size of the chassis is big. See with the vendor if they can propose a 1U or 2U variant.
  • Do you need local temporary storage as big as 2TB? I would suggest to ask for less but in SSD.
  • We are using IPMI for controlling the servers so yes, this is an issue. Pleas see if it exist an version with IPMI. What is the way to control this server remotely? Redfish?


Hello Yann,
thank you for your answer.

Here is the answer from the vendor (I copy paste it to avoid misinterpretation):

“there is no motherboard with Remote Management (IPMI or Redfish) that supports Threadripper CPUs. Also there is no way to use a 1U or 2U chassis because we would need a riser card for the 90C angle to be able to install the GPU in such a small chassis.”


Thanks for the answer.

Unfortunately this is a no-go for us to integrate non remote manageable servers in the cluster.
It’s probably better to install it locally on your site.


OK good to know. I’ll see what I can have instead.

Thank you for the great and unbelievable support experience!