Sync to owncloud

Is there a way to sync data from baobab to one of the academic “ownclouds”, for example: or (there are generic CentOS7 clients)?
Any reason we should not be doing that?


Last time I was doing this, the simplest method seemed to use the widespread Webdav protocole :

  • As you point out, most academic storage support “ownCloud” which fully supports Webdav.
  • the common command line tool curl support uploading to webdav.
  • .netrc is supported by curl as a way to store credentials on disk if you want to do unattended programmatic update (note be sure to chmod 0600 them, and add them to your .gitignore to not upload them by accident!)


curl --netrc --upload-file "myfile.txt" ""

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GVfs/GIO (cf. Howto access external storage from Baobab ) already supports WebDAV, thus for example for a remote Nextcloud you can open the File Manager (Thunar) and enter the following address in the location bar davs:// .

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Thanks a lot for your answers, all these solutions work perfectly!