Total computation time

Dear HPC team,
I was wondering if it is possible to know my total computation time on the clusters? (baobab and yggdrasil). I would like to estimate the total quantity of energy I used over the last 4 years to try to estimate the CO2 equivalent.


Dear Guillaume,

For all metrics for the cluster we have a tool called openxdmod. This interface is available here.

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Thank you for the link! I didn’t know this tool.
I search for the electric consumption of the nodes and I found that, for example, it is about 225W for a AMD EPYC 7742 CPU. To know the value per process corresponding to the CPU time given by openxdmod I am supposed to divided 225W per the number of core on the CPU right ? (thus 128 with this example)


This is a good starting point, thus not completely accurate. Your job uses more energy : network, storage servers, power supply etc.

We may add a Slurm plugin that will let you know the Energy your job used, but this is not done yet and will only work for future jobs.


Yes true… I wanted to have a raw estimation of this so at least I have my personal CPUtime which a first good information.
I think this plugin could interest many people indeed.