[Tutorial] See your past computation usage using openxdmod

Dear all, ever wondered how many CPU or GPU hour you consumed on Baobab service?

We have a tool for that: https://openxdmod.hpc.unige.ch

In this tutorial, I’ll explain you how to extract your past year CPU hours usage as PI (i.e. for all your users). Follow those simple steps to do so:

  1. When you open the site, you are seeing a summary dashboard. First click on the usage tab (1) as shown on the picture.

  1. Select the metric you are interested by (1). In our example we are focusing on CPU hours, you may be interested by GPU hours too.

  2. Select a start and end date or use the predefined values in the dropdown menu (2)

  1. Click with the left button of your mouse on a dot on the graphic (1) and select by which metric you want to drill-down the data. In this example, we’ll do it by PI (2). You can of course select another field if you are interested for example by usage per user.

  1. We are interested by the usage of one PI. To filter the data, click on the filter icon (1) and select the PI (2) you are interested by and validate (3). As the list may be long you can use the search toolbox for easier lookup.


  1. By default the agregation unit is aumatic and depend on the time frame you are looking at. You can change the aggregation unit manually, for example to see your past usage with a sum by month. (1) and (2)

  1. If you prefer, you display your usage as tabular data instead of graphic as done in this example (1) and (2)

Don’t forget that your users are using CPU’s and probably GPU’s too. In this case, you need to start a second time the procedure with the GPU metric to get the GPU usage.

Feel free to comment this procedure.



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