Using mysql in HPC

Dear HPC community

I’m running the code MSnoise (MSNoise - Documentation — MSNoise | A Python Package for Monitoring Seismic Velocity Changes using Ambient Seismic Noise) to find seismic anomalies in the wave-field using cross correlations of hundreds of station pairs. The cross-correlations and additional outputs can be stored in a sql database either sqlite or mysql to facilitate query information later on.

I have experienced some issues using sqlite and the MSnoise documentation advises to work with a mysql server that accepts thousands of connections.
My question is, can I install mysql directly on my login home? or is there a different alternative, for instance installing mysql in a external server?

Thanks for any information you can provide me

Hi @Francisco.MunozBurbano,

Having a database on that own home directory isn’t the best idea, it means you’ll be doing thousands of queries on beegfs storage, if everyone is doing this our storage performance will be impacted. I suggest you use an external database

Hi @Adrien.Albert
So many thanks for your reply. Perhaps do you now documentation about how to establish communication between the cluster and the external database server?