What about fast storage evolution on Baobab

Dear @support ,

/srv/fast/users run out of space. Are there any plans to add more volume?

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Dear @maciej.falkiewicz

The fast storage on Baobab is still a proof of concept and there is no plan to increase significantly the capacity in a short term.

As our fast storage is getting full, we’ll enforce quota on fast storage on Baobab

  • 500GB per user
  • 1TB per group

As the purpose of this storage is to be ephemeral, we’ll as well erase the whole content at each Baobab maintenance. It is up to the user to copy the data back and forth.

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Sounds reasonable.

Is it possible for a user to check how much fast storage his or her group is currently using?


We’ll enable a way to check the quota soon. In the meantime, you need to use a tool like ncdu.