Wrong password on Baobab

Dear HPC team,

I have not been able to connect to Baobab with my own password since this morning. Might it be any issue related to the cluster? I can login to Yggdrasil with the password though. Thank you.

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Van Khoa

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I have this same issue.

Same issue here and several colleagues also

I have the same issue

Also have the same issue

I got the same issue as well

Hi, this is fixed, thanks for the notification.



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Thanks for helping !

Van Khoa

Good morning,

I am afraid that I am still facing the issue. I have not been able to log into Baobab for the whole week (i.e., both before and after the maintenance). Is there anything I can do to help figure out the issue?

Thank you,

@Alejandro.PozasKerstjens it should be fixed now. We had a small issue after the end of the maintenance. Try again.