X11 connection rejected

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Has there been any change related to X11 ? Since a couple of days now, when I log in to baobab or yggdrasil through the terminal, I get the message “X11 connection rejected because of wrong authentication” popping up a few times per minute or so (which is quite annoying). I think I did not change the way I connect, so is there some update I need to do now ?

I am on macOS and use the following ssh ‘config’ file to connect (+ ssh keys have been shared between the machines):

HostName baobab2.hpc.unige.ch
User galanay
ForwardX11 yes

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I am facing the same problem when I “ssh -Y …” to Yggdrasil or Baobab.

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No problem here, on both login nodes, via SSH password-authentication.

I took the liberty to add my SSH public key to your ~/.ssh/authorized_keys and still no problem to launch thunar via SSH X11 forwarding (-X or -Y ), on both login nodes.

As above, no problem here via SSH pubkey-authentication with both -X or -Y .

@Simone.Bavera , as a side note (and even if I am sure this has nothing to do with your problem), as already explained to other users in this forum (cf. Unable to connect via ssh to baobab - #5 by Luca.Capello ):

You should keep the shell initialization as minimal as possible (simply
set up the shell and its prompt).  If you need to load some other
programs, you will do it via a script once the shell is available.  This
has the advantage of letting you login even if the other programs you
need are broken.

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Ok then maybe the issue is gone… anyway thanks for the answers!

This issue is also observed by nearly all of our lab members, including myself. This happens sporadically, sometimes it will be fine for days, and once in a while one of my ssh logins will continuously spew out this error message, while other simultaneously active logins will be fine. This happens when connected with -X or -Y and authenticated via a key or password. Also seems to be OS independent since I have observed this using ssh on Linux (Ubuntu 20.04), Mac OS (big sur), and Windows 10.

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Follow-up on X11 connection rejected because of wrong authentication .

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