X2go connection with yggdrasil freezes after being idle

Primary informations

Username: ceva3
Cluster: Yggdrasil


I connect to yggdrasil via x2go. I have been able to connect and use yggdrasil successfully with x2go for nearly the past year.

Starting yesterday evening, I have started having issues with my x2go connection. It seems that if I remain idle for too long, at a certain point my x2go window will freeze and I will be unable to begin interacting again with anything inside the x2go window/yggdrasil.

My only solution is to terminate the connection on x2go and reconnect. This is frustrating because it means that all of my work I had open in the x2go session is lost, and when I reconnect all the programs I had open are gone.

Steps to Reproduce

Use x2go or Termius to connect to x2go. Host: login1.yggdrasil.hpc.unige.ch Login: ceva3 SSH port: 22 Session type: XFCE

Expected Result

To be able to connect to yggdrasil with x2go and, most importantly, for the connection to remain stable for the duration that I remain connected, whether I am idle or not.

Actual Result

If I remain idle for too long, the connection with x2go freezes and I am unable to continue to interact with anything inside the x2go session. Nothing inside the x2go session responds to my clicks, types, etc. The only solution is to terminate the x2go session, which can lead to lost work.

Dear @William.Ceva sorry for the long delay. It seems we had the screensaver activated.

Do you still have the issue?



Issue solved by using http://hpc-community.unige.ch/t/x2go-tends-to-freeze-on-yggdrasil-and-baobab-since-rocky8-upgrade/2872/6?u=yuzheng.kang

Dear Users,

Package xfce4-screensaver responsible of x2go freeze was installed by a package dependency.

I remove this package to avoid new faillure.

Best regards,

Thanks @Gael.Rossignol , was it removed from Baobab too? I seem to have the same behaviour on Baobab.

Dear Genevieve,

You are right we have same problem on baobab login node. This is now fixed and the package deploy script is fixed.

Best regards,

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