X2Go Interface Freeze


I have been using both Baobab and yggdrasil for a while now with X2Go interface.

In the beginning of the recent updates in both clusters, I started receiving ‘XFCE PolicyKit Agent error’ after signing in, but everything was working after.

Then it started freezing after a brief moment of inactivity.

Now, the screens for both clusters are absolutely frozen, I cannot access the terminal or any of the files through the interface.

Is any one else experiencing the same thing?

I reinstalled X2Go but did not change anything.

Thanks for all your suggestions,

Hi @Zeynep.Celen

I killed your frozen session, could you please try again ?

Hello Adrien,

Thank you, it is working now.

Keeping my fingers crossed it will not freeze again.

Will let you know if it does…

Thanks again,