Yggdrasil scheduled maintenance: 10-11 April 2024

Dear users,

as just announced on the baobab-announce@ mailing list, we will perform software and hardware maintenance on the Yggdrasil HPC cluster on April 10 and 11, 2024.

The maintenance will start at 08:00 +0100 and you will receive an email when the maintenance is finished.

The cluster will be completely unavailable during this time, with no access at all (not even to retrieve files).

If you submit a job in the meantime, make sure that the expected wall time (duration) does not overlap with the start of the maintenance, or your job will be scheduled after the maintenance.

What will be done during this maintenance:

  • Re-install all nodes with latest Rocky8 (8.9)
  • Upgrade Slurm to version 23.11.4
  • Replace CMOS batteries on compute nodes
  • Upgrade servers with latest security and bug fixes

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,
The HPC Team